Ruf Membership


The Membership of "ROBOTIC UROLOGY FORUM" is open to all registered medical practitioners (Allopathy) and be either practicing Urology or other branches of Medicines related to Urology and specialized/interested in Robotic surgical application in treating urological diseases who agree with the aims a nd objects of "ROBOTIC UROLOGY FORUM" (hereinafter referred as "the said Society"). They shall have abided by the Rules and Regulation of the said Society.

Full Members:

Surgeons holding recognized postgraduate qualifications in Urology- e .g. MCh (Urology), DNB (Genito, - Urinary Surgery); or foreign qualifications in Urology equivalent to MCh or DNB recognized by MCI, and who are practicing Urological specialty in India and in addition performing specia lised robotic urological surgeries at the time of their election, arc eligible to become full members. Full Member of the Society is a person who pays his/her subscription fees; fee structure shall be devised by the Society.

Associate Members:

  1. Qualified Surgeons in India, interested in Robotic Urology and devoting a part of their time in either practice of or teaching in Robotic Urology, an eligible for associate membership.
  2. Consultants of other discipline of Medicine practicing in India, having post graduate qualification, and professionally related to Robotic Urology are eligible
  3. Residents/ Fellows who are have completed MCh (Urology) or to DNB (Genitourinary surgery) and other related specialty and in training in robotic urology surgery are eligible for Associate membership. After having the training, they will be eligible for full membership if they qualify/ or continue as associate member

International Honorary Members:

Robotic Urological Surgeons of good standings interested in Indian Robotic Urology Forum and their contribution to Robotic Urology in India should be of exceptional merit. These members have to be selected by all members at AGM

Mode of Admission of Members

  1. Application for membership of the Society whether in respect of Full member, Associate member or International Honorary member shall be made in the form as may be prescribed by the Executive Committee from time to time and shall be proposed by a Full member and seconded by another Full member.
  2. A person shall be admitted as a member (Full, Associate or International Honorary) only after tne Executive Committee has approved and accepted his / her membership by a resolution passed at a meeting of the Executive Committee.
  3. The admission of a member, as afore said, shall be completed only after the above approval and acceptance by the Executive Committee and only after the receipt by the Society of the required subscriptio1 and the initial fees by the concerned applicant.

Rights of Members

  1. Only Full members shall be eligible to attend and vote at any Annual or Special General meeting,
  2. All classes of members shall have the right to attend any meeting of the Society including Annual or Special General Meeting or Scientific meeting of the Society. For the removal of doubt it is clarified that save and except the Full members, no other members shall be entitled to vote at any of the meetings of the Society.


Every person who desires to be a member of the Society shall have to pay Rs. 5000/- (Rupees Five Thousand) as one time initial Membership Fees and Rs 2000/- once in two years
Subscription can be changed by passing a Resolution m the General body meeting of the Society.

Cessation of Membership

  1. Any member may resign from his membership at any time by serving a notice in writing to the Corvenor. Such resignation shall not relieve the member from the responsibility to pay any dues to the Society prior to ceasing to be a member.
  2. Any member whose subscription is in arrears for the first six months of the financial year and which has been duly notified in writing by the Treasurer or Convenor shall forfeit his membership. Such member may be considered for re-election upon a formal application to the Council after all the dues have been paid. The discretion of the Council shall be final in case of such re-election.
  3. The Council shall have the right to terminate the membership or alter the class of my individual member, even after the election, if it is subsequently found that material facts supplied in the application were incorrect.
  4. The Council shall have the powers to terminate the membership of any member who has been found guilty of unprofessional behaviour or of working against the interest of the Society, provided that member concerned is offered full opportunity to present his case to the Council, and provided that in case of termination of membership, the later is confirmed at the Annual Genertl Meeting by two-third majority of members present and voting.
  5. The Council will have the powers to suspend a member till the next general meeting, if the member is found guilty of unprofessional behaviour or of working against the interest of the Society, provided that member concerned is offered full opportunity to present his case to the Council.
  6. The Council will have right to reccommend, to the general body, termination of any such member as mentioned in parad , subject to confirmation at the Annual General Meeting by the two-third majority of members present and voting During this interval all rights of member will remain suspended.